Art Classes

Painting (Applied) - 5065 - ART 1041 - 01

A course in the introduction to oil and acrylic methods and materials. Exploration of media, color theory and harmony, and demonstration of techniques and styles of painting. (AA,CSU) (5065-ART 1041-This class will be held at the Klamath Siskiyou Arts Center, 63709 Hwy 96, Happy Camp, CA.)
Associated Term: Summer 2024 
Registration Dates: Mar 20, 2024 to Aug 08, 2024 
Saturdays 9:30 AM to 3 PM

Floating rocks in dillon creek

Digital Imaging- - ART 1032

Instructor: Alan Crockett Jr

Introduction to the principles of design as they relate to digital imaging. Art and design principles, image file formats, and successful digital image-making will be discussed. Adobe PhotoShop will be used in designing and producing digital images. The UC accepts transfer credit for either ART 1031 or ART 1032 but not both. May be taken for credit a total of 4 times. (AA, CSU, UC) Advisory: CSCI 1035 (7525 – ART 1032: This course will be taught asynchronously via the Internet. Students enrolling in this course must have access to a computer and the Internet. 

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